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How to Check Teacher's Fund ID, Current contribution and Total Contribution on Phone

Hello Mr. Akoto Dary your staff no is ****** and your pass code is ****** these were message received by GNAT members from Teacher's fund ( mutual fund). There is no  instruction as to how to use those info above. No one knows the kind of IT experts in the office of teacher fund. What do these IT experts expected the members to do with these staff no and pass code. You what?  mutual fund members started calling my phone to find out the uses of these info. God been so good I managed to access information about how to use those info. Those info are meant for the fund members to access fund ID, Current contribution and total contribution on their phones. In this post I will discuss how to register so you can  access those information on any phone.

                                     How Do I Register for this Service
==> Dial *800# no all networks(Vodafone, MTN, Glo, Airtel, Tigo and Espresso) on your phone
==> Enter your staff ID
==>Enter 6-digits code eg 123456
                                How Do I Check My Fund ID

==> Type the code *718*60#
==> Select option 2 to check your ID
==> Enter staff ID
==> Finally, your Fund ID will display

                                 How Do I Check My Current Contribution

==>Enter the *718*60#
==>Choose option 3 to check your current contribution
==>Type the Fund ID
==>Finally, your current contribution will display

                             How Do I check My Total Contribution

==>Enter the *718*60#
==>Choose option 4 to check your total contribution
==>Type the Fund ID
==>Finally, your total contribution will display

Contact your district GNAT secretary for your pass code, if didn't get the message containing the pass code.

Don't hesitate to contact this line for details 0246456667

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