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How to Use Google Chrome Browser to Reduce Data Charges

Reduce data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit.Browse more for less! Google Chrome web-browser on mobile-platforms features the option to reduce bandwidth costs and enable faster web-browsing utilizing the "Google Data Compression Proxy". The same had been made available to Google Chrome Desktop users.

Share your Browsing Data with Colleagues- How

Technology has made life more or less convenient. Most friends have been asking me how are they going to share their browsing data with colleagues when they run out of  airtime. This question forces me to throw all my search lenses online and offline and fortunately I have been able to get it. The question I ask my "are  you ready to share it with the world" I said to myself yes. Okay then how is it done.

How to Find a Remote IP Address of Message Sent into Your Email

Scam is rampant in our email now a days. There is a dollar of  questions to find out why? These intruders need your information to use it for their criminal activities.When someone sends you information you can surely find the IP of the sender.Finding IP of sender can help track down the person. Let me  take you through how to find IP Address of sender.

How to Use Handset Plan to browse Unlimitedly Day, Week and Month on Tigo Ghana

Data service providers charge very high for date transfer. Many internet surfers always are charge high for data transfer in Africa especially Ghana. Many of internet service providers are trying to reduce their data transfer charges but it is not enough. One of the networks in Ghana that has

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