How to Track Teachers Fund Loan Statement, Calculate Loan Interest and approval Status on CRM Platform The latest in technology news and trends

How to Track Teachers Fund Loan Statement, Calculate Loan Interest and approval Status on CRM Platform

I must commend Teachers fund (TF) , a subsidiary of GNAT, which has been liveware of the union for introducing Customer Relation Management (CRM) system. The customer Relation management platform make it handy for members to access variety of information such as Contribution & Loan details, increase contributionLoan Calculator, loan Statement,  loan tracking, Loan/Refund/wrongful deduction,
Manage your notifications, exit Application status and member Management on their phones and laptops. In this masterpiece, I will walk you through step-by-step as to  how to register/create account on the CRM platform and access aforementioned information and many more.

                           How Do I Register/Create Account on CRM 

==> Visit
==> Click on member portal
==> Click on Login/register
==> Click on sign up 
==> Enter your staff ID
==> Enter authentication code ( 6-digits code eg 123456)
==> Enter mobile number/email address ( Preferably Mobile number)
==> Click on validate
==> Enter 6-digits number on your phone sent by CRM
==> Click on send code
==> Click on validate
==> Enter your password ( one that can be easily remembered)
==> Re-enter your password to confirm
==> Click on register ( click on the side of the word REGISTER for it to highlight) 

                        How Do I login After Registration

 ==> Click on Login/register
==> Enter you staff ID
==> Enter your password 
==> Click on login

After successful login, Click on any link in link box on your right hand side that addresses your problem.

Contact your district GNAT secretary  for your AUTHENTICATION  CODE, 

Don't hesitate to contact below lines for details

Regular call: 0246 45 66 67
What's app: 0557 26 20 20

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