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How to Review Websites and Get Paid

Can you really spend few of your spare time working online and get paid. If the response is YES, then relax and read. Little did you know that you can get paid to test websites. A large number of sites go online everyday.  Organizations are willing to pay people to test their websites to determine usability and user experience.  User testing results help the website developers figure out what enhancements are required  in order to provide the best possible user experience.
If you like giving out input , this is a great opportunity for you to get paid for your opinion.Website testing jobs are available worldwide and are free to join
as a website tester for people 18 years of age or older. As tester , you are required to have  reliable Internet connection, webcam and microphone. I recommend joining as many of the user testing websites in order to increase your earning potential.
By joining multiple user testing websites, you will have a better chance of receiving. Their method of payment ies through PayPal

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UserTest – You need to have a working microphone and the ability to download the screen-recording software to use for recording your user tests.  Members must submit a 5 minute sample review.  Testing time is approximately 20 minutes.  Pay is $10.00 per completed test.
TestingTime – Get paid to conduct user testing studies via Skype. Testing time runs between 30-90 minutes.  You will earn up $53 per test.  Payment is made via Paypal.

UserTesting – You will provide feedback on apps and websites. You will receive $10 per completed test.  Each test is approximately 10-15 minutes.  Payment is made via PayPal.
Analysia – Each test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You can earn $10 per test. They pay via PayPal
Enroll – Testing times vary depending on the tasks involved.  Get paid to test new websites before they go live. You can earn cash rewards via PayPal.
StartUpLift – Website testing jobs are usually available immediately after you join.  You can receive $5 per test.   They pay via Paypal
TryMyUI – User testing jobs take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You will receive $10 per test. Their payment method is PayPal.
UserFeel –  User testing jobs are approximately 15 long. You can earn $10 per test.  They pay with PayPal.  Userfeel does require you to provide a sample test.

Userlytics –   Userlytics software for screen and voice recording provided to you for download.  User testing can be performed on computer or mobile device.  You can earn $10 per accepted test via PayPal.
UTest – This company offers a variety of website testing opportunities.
Whatusersdo – You can earn approximately $10 per 15-20 minute test.  They pay via PayPal.

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