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Recruitment of External Supervisors and Invigilators for WAEC

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates interested in applying as Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors and Invigilators for upcoming examinations.

How to Apply and Become Assistant Examiner-WAEC

West African Examination Council has developed a portal within which  new examiners could download Examiner's Application Forms online. In this post we will discuss how to download, fill the form and submission. Becoming Assistant Examiner will you a lot as a teacher, gives you more insight and directives to your daily classroom activities.

How to Use Visa or Master Card to Pay for WAEC Services-Resgistration

Yes, I must commend WAEC Ghana for introducing online E-payment platform which seek to eliminate queuing at various centers for registration or other services. You can sit right in the comfort of your home to enjoy almost all the services that WAEC offers to general public. This portal accepts VISA and MASTER  CARD payment request from the different WAEC Ghana services. You can make payment for the following services:

Revised Senior High School fees in Ghana released

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released approved fees for the 2014/2015 academic year for students in all government-assisted senior high and technical schools (SHSs). Fresh students in boarding houses will pay 

How and When to Register for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for private candidates

West Africa Examination council wishes to announces the following guidelines for the conduct of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for private candidates for the attention of prospective candidates and general public.Below is the guideline

The New Portal for Registration of Existing and New Examiners- Waecghana

West African Examination Council has develop a portal within which both existing and new examiners could upload their information. This post will pay  much particular attention to existing examiners because if they refuse to upload their information online their names will automatically go off . Which means that you cannot mark Nov/Dec 2014.

Online Verification and Corrections of Statement of Entries of Candidates -----WAEC

Woaoh! I must commend the West African Examinations Council for introducing online verification of statement of entries of candidates.Formerly no one can verify the statement of candidates with the introducing  of this system all school authorities/ candidates can now request for corrections detected in a candidate's name,date of birth, subject, or photograph. Mind you only those who have password to login can do these corrections.All candidates after reading this post inform your school authority to do the corrections if any. The verification process ends 15th May, 2014. 

Likely Mathematics Examination Topics in Your WASSCE

One of subjects most WASSCE candidates fear is Mathematics. One could not tell of hand the root cause of this problem. Some school of thought suggested voluminous nature of the subject and others suggested Teachers and Candidates must be problem.As analyst I want to pin-point some probable examination topics so that maths -phobias would have peace of mind to learn. Well below are MATHEMATICS topics that will surely come in your WASSCE - theory.

Easy Ways/ Tricks to Passed Your WASSCE English Objective Test and Theory

Before you started this year's WASSCE  English Oral Test I wrote a post on Easy Ways/ Tricks to Passed Your WASSCE Oral English Test. Another trick is on board which help you passed your exam easily.There is a saying that examinations favours the fools is true?. As a fool to passed your exams you must read and adhere to the following  instructions.

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