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How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website/Blog

 As soon as  bloggers publish their first post, their first question is: Where can I get my traffic? Everyone assumes  that they are the only one seeking and wanting attention, when in truth almost everyone is. It takes time to build audience and no one can gets much traffic without putting in the necessary efforts.

 Here are topmost recommendations for you as a publisher to attract more traffic to your website/blog.

  1. Update your About Page. One of the first things visitors to your site will be looking for is something about who you are. If you don’t update your About page to include a short bio, and they find a generic page instead,  they’ll be disappointed. But if you briefly explain (two paragraphs is plenty) what the blog is about, and who you are, they’ll be more likely to come back.
  2. Pick good titles. Blog post titles are like newspaper headlines. They need to be short, interesting and captive to get people wanting to read what’s inside.  On Facebook and Twitter, what all people will want to often see is the title and  the link. 
  3. Link to bloggers like you. When you link to another blog, they will get notified (via a pingback) that someone has mentioned them. This will encourage them to visit your blog and, if they like what they find, link to you as well in their posts. But too much links are bad it is called SPAM .
  4. Let readers subscribe by email. Email is often forgotten by bloggers as a source of traffic . If you turn on the Subscriptions widget, people can choose to be notified of new posts on your blog, automatically, by email. It’s a greatest way to keep them connected to your blog without any extra work from you, or for them.
  5. Take requests.  Write a post requesting your readers (or your friends) to suggest topics to write about. Reach out to Facebook, twitter, or friends, for suggestions. 
  6. Write Well.   Better posts get more traffic. There’s no sense in posting every day, if every post is boring or poorly written. It takes time to develop interesting ideas, and to edit posts to be concise and typo free. If people find a careless writer at work, they won’t be back. 
  7. Turn on Publicize. You can easily set up your blog to automatically share new posts out to your Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or LinkedIn accounts. 
  8. Turn on Sharing. With a few clicks, you can make it easy for every visitor share a link to your post out to their social networks, their blog, or through email.
  9. Comment on other blogs like yours.  Every comment is an opportunity to show how well you write and think. 
  10. Respond to every comment you get. When people comment on your blog, they’ve invested a lot of their time. Reward them by answering questions and taking their feedback, and they’ll come back again.
  11. Post regularly. Pick a schedule that works for you – once a day, twice  a week, thrice every two weeks, and stick to it. Mention that frequency in your About page, and put reminders on your personal calendar. It’s only when people can expect regular posts that they’ll be compelled to come back to see what you’ve written next.
  12. Pay for traffic. Web applications like StumbleUpon can bring visitors to your posts with rates starting at $.05 per visit. If you’ve just published a great post and you really want some feedback from visitors, this can be a good way to get started. Companies looking for broader distribution, including getting content seen by journalists.


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