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How Can I Set Up And Start a Video Call with a Facebook Friend

Yes Facebook has done it again by allowing friends on Facebook to do video calling as from time am posting this article. You do not need to install any other software except Facebook software. Fellow me so I can walk you through the steps

How do I set up video calling
Before you can call your friends, you need to complete a quick, one-time setup. You'll be asked to complete the setup the first time you try to call a friend, or the first time a friend tries to call you.

  • To call a friend:
  • Click the ( ) at the top of their profile (timeline) and then click Call.

  • Click the Set Up button and follow the instructions for how to set up video calling on your browser as the picture below.

  • Once you’ve successfully completed the setup,

How Can I Start a Video Call with a Facebook Friend

After you complete the quick, one-time setup, you’re ready to make your first call:
  • Visit your friend’s profile (timeline) and click the button in the top right corner.
  • If you and your friend are already chatting, you can also click the video icon ( ) at the top of your chat window as the picture below.

  • When your friend answers, you may have to wait a moment for your call to connect before the video call begins.
  • If your friend is unavailable, you can leave a video message. The time and date of your missed call will be listed in your ongoing message history with your friend.

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