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Apply to Become Tigo Social Entrepreneur in Ghana

Tigo in partnership with Reach for Change has launched – Reach for Change - an Africa wide initiative to change the lives of children. As a part of this, Tigo Ghana is looking for social entrepreneurs, in Ghana, with ideas that will improve the lives of children. The selected ideas will receive financial support, mentoring and business expertise from senior Tigo co-workers, to turn them into reality. Tigo believes that the best way to create social change is to give the right tools to people who are passionate, and who have the entrepreneurial drive to make a lasting change.

Who is a social entrepreneur?
A social entrepreneur is someone who has identified a problem in society and has come up with an innovative solution to the problem.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?
We are looking for innovative solutions that will contribute to a better life for children and youth. We especially look for ideas that:-
· Will have a great social impact and solve real and relevant problems for children
· Are scalable – they have the potential to grow very large and change the lives of many children
· Can be financially sustainable – the idea and business model is self-sustainable
·Can be system changing – meaning an idea that can solve society’s issues in a big way and on the long term
· Possible link to Tigo’s operations – meaning related to telecommunications and ICT

The Selection Process
Our selection process will be extensive and involve Tigo co-workers, external experts and key business and social leaders from Ghanaian society. The final stage of the selection process will be presentation to a Grand Jury by shortlisted individuals.

Support provided to winning Social Entrepreneurs
The selected individuals will receive tools and support to develop and scale their ideas. They will receive salary funding of US$25,000 for 3 years to allow them to focus full time on developing their ideas and activities. But equally important is the support from some of the most outstanding Tigo employees to help scale and develop the idea so it becomes financially self-sustainable.

How to Apply
Click on the link below and fill in the online application form; you will be asked to fill out some personal information to create your account, answer a few questions about your history and your idea and then submit your application.

The last date to apply is 30 November 2012

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