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How I Upgrade My MultiTV Satellite Disc

On Tuesday 27 November, 2012 all channels on MultiTv Satellite digit box went off, no one was able to watch it. MultiTV Team said there were satellite upgrading which result in channels going off.Well every problem there is way out. I want to share with you, my blog readers how to go about it.MultiTv Satellite Upgrade.You need to adjust the Frequency on your MultiTV digi box SYNDICATED BOX, STRONG BOX  and SOMOTEX BOX (BLACK BOX) by doing the following

                            SYNDICATED BOX.
1. Press menu
2. Select ok on installation
3. Select manual search
4. Press green button to edit the frequency.
5. Select modify
6. Press ok
7. Select TP frequency
8. Press ok
9. Type in 12522
10. Press ok
11. Select polarization
12. Press the right button on the ok to change it to vertical (V)
13. Press ok
14. Select symbol rate
15. Press ok to start scanning
16. Press exit to watch or start with your channel

                                STRONG BOX    
1. Press menu
2. Type four zeros (0000) as password
3. Scroll to manual scan
4. Press OK on manual scan
5. Press red button on the remote to select the satellite name ASTRA3A/3B
6. Press the green button to add TP list
7. Type in 12522 in the frequency
8. Select symbol rate 195319.
9. Select right button to change to vertical (V)
10. Scroll to scan and press OK
11. Press exit to start viewing your channel

                                SOMOTEX BOX (BLACK BOX)
1. Press menu
2. Scroll down to start installation
3. Select TP list
4. Press the green button to edit
5. Type 12522 on the frequency
6. Press OK  
7. Select symbol rate and type in 19531
8. Select polarity
9. Press the right button to change it to vertical
10. Select save and press OK
11. Press OK twice to start scanning
12. Press OK on yes
13. Press exit to view your channels

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