How to Identify Scams Online --Isaac Amoah, Mary Amoah and Rebecca Fosuah are Scams Fresh Deals Alert

How to Identify Scams Online --Isaac Amoah, Mary Amoah and Rebecca Fosuah are Scams

Internet is the largest market place in the world. Some good internet users have provided platform for seller to advertise freely and buyers to buy examples of such platforms are, and googletrader.In every business there is a risk attached. I would want to share with you some bad internet users nearly defrauded my friend online as an advertiser.Those scams work in team consisting of two ladies and two gents  I am going mentioned those Names defrauders/scams used during on phone conversation, you will  bear with me if you are good surfer and bear that name.On phone conversation.He had their voices recorded on phone
                                                 FIRST SCAM
Scam, Isaac Amoah, called my friend on Monday 4, 2013 exactly 3:34 PM and inquired for price of Hundai Grace Isaac Amoah, the Scam saw online.
So Amoah told my friend he is giving my friend's number to Amoah's sister called Mary Amoah at United Kingdom specifically London.Scam gave his location as student of Takoradi Technical School in house Five, House Master called  Emmanuel. Contact: 0549402498

                                        SECOND SCAM
Scam, Mary Amoah the sister of Isaac Amoah, called my friend on the next day which is Tuesday 5 2013 exactly 7:20 am. My friend and she agreed on a price. In about three hours she called my friend and told him she want shipped some goods to her old father and my friend in Ghana in the name of  my friend. 
She asked for the size of his waist and length of his foot. He later told my friend that he had bought laptop, camera,4 trousers jeans(2 for my friend and 2 for her old man), 4 sweaters( 2 for my friend and 2 for her old man) 2 suits ( 1 for me and 1 for old man) and so she will shipped them on evening or the next day.Contact: restricted and 00447031903537
Low and behold she called my friend next morning and gave him below as shipping details.

                                          SCAM SHIPPING DETAILS

3.SECRETE CODE: 07711086 ( She told my friend not to reveal it to anyone)
5.HOTLINE: 0204101575
She asked my friend to call the hotline for the package

                                                 THIRD SCAM
My friend called the hotline, 0204101575 and a man picked it. The scam took the SECRETE CODE and said he will give a feedback in two minutes.
He called back, he said my friend goods has arrived yesternight via Londo cargo plane and been sent to their warehouse in AKOSOMBO in Eastern region. He told my friend that he will pay a duty fee of GHS 500.00 ( old cedis 5000000). My friend should go to Ghana commercial Bank do the deposit, After which twelve digits will be giving to him.

                                 BANK DETAILS

       Watch out for what happened after the bank transaction in my next post.

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