Regulate When your Lights Go OFF and ON When You not in the House Fresh Deals Alert

Regulate When your Lights Go OFF and ON When You not in the House

Save amount of money you spend on electricity bill and save your pocket money. I have been thinking of how individual households and the  country Ghana can save energy so that frequent power outage could be thing of the past. Every powerful economy needs a powerful and sustainable energy. Imagine these professional who need power most wielders, PC users, and mining companies do not get frequent power what will happen to our economy. All of our households companies and street lights need someone to switch it off or put it out. I was in class room invigilating and I realized that lights were on so it suddenly occur to me that “CAN’T YOU DEVELOP A DEVICE THAT WILL determine WHEN LIGHT SHOULD COME ON AND OFF”.

I quickly instructed a technical in my school to build one for me. Fortunately I have gotten the device that will switch ON and OFF when No one is in the house. It is tried and tested device with no wahala things.

The device is very good  for 
1.Busy people who will not be in their houses always
2.Street light could set, when to GO OFF/ ON especially raining day

If you will need this device please contact for one or bulk purchase
+233246 45 66 67
Facebook request: Victor Kutufam
Skype ID: victor.kutufam
Email:vkutufam @gmail dot com
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