How to Make Extra Money Aside Your Traditional Monthly Salary Fresh Deals Alert

How to Make Extra Money Aside Your Traditional Monthly Salary

 In fact it is very difficult to get job let alone decent one.  Most businessmen and women were saying that they are several business exploit. How to identify these opportunities is problematic for most of African especially Ghanaians. Meanwhile these opportunities are very close than far. We have twenty-four hour in a day right, we use eight hours  to sleep and eight hours to attend to our professional work. What do you do with eight hour that is left? How you use eight hours left can make you richest person ever live or poorest person every live.
 I am going to teach you how to make best out of eight hour left.Imagine people carry GHS 1500 to buy smartphone (Samsung) its support whatspp. The person wouldn't thinks of business aspect of the phone.
                                       How to use left eight hours
1. You can operate Drug Store ( not pharmaceutical)
(b) You write licensed examination from WAEC
(c)  Where you want site you store must be  One Hundred meters away from the other.
(d) You have your professional work, employ someone who has SSSCE/WASSCE  or level

2. You can set-up cement store to sell cement. Now a  days everyone wants to build a house so sales is very good.

3. You can start blogging with you smartphone and ear some dollars online.
 All jobs will help earn extra money your aside your monthly salary

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