How to Subscribe to Glo Micro, Mini and Mega Anigye Bundle Fresh Deals Alert

How to Subscribe to Glo Micro, Mini and Mega Anigye Bundle

Good news for Glo Ghana subscribers!! Glo Mobile has introduced a daily bundle at the lowest ever rate in the Ghanaian telecom market at only 25 pesewas. The package, “Glo Anigye Sem”, according to the company, underscores its resolve to enable subscribers to derive value for every pesewa they spend on the Glo network. This product gives subscribers a complete solution for all their communication needs.
With the Glo Anigye Sem daily bundle, subscribers can
== Make calls to all networks, 
== Send SMS as well as 
== Browse the net, 

To cater to different needs, the “Glo Anigye Sem” comes in three different packages. These are Micro Anigye, Mini Anigye and Mega Anigye.

The Micro Anigye Bundle, which costs Gp 25, provides for 10 minutes of Glo-to-Glo calls and 
1. Minute-long call to another network. 
2. 10 Glo-to-Glo SMS and 
3. 5MB of data.

The Mini Anigye Bundle, set at Gp 50, gives the subscriber
1. 30 minutes of Glo-to-Glo calls, 
2. Two minutes of calls to other networks, 
3. 10 Glo-to-Glo SMS and
4. 15 MB of data.

The Mega Anigye Bundle, which comes at GH₵ 1, gives the subscriber 
1. A whopping 100 minutes of Glo-to-Glo calls, 
2. Five minutes of calls to other networks, 
3. 100 Glo-to-Glo SMS and 50 MB data.

                  How to Subscribe

==> Send "MENU" as SMS to short code 150 
==> Choose the package which suits your needs.

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