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Let your Smart Phone Make Money for you

We always complain of not being employed by government or businesses.We do blame individuals and government for such unemployment problems. Quite good for us to be blaming the government for such owes and mess because our institutions especially universities don't teach us how to fend for ourselves but be a bedden on others. We were taught by these so-called universities how to attain big certificates that we can boost but eight-year old chinese will shit on it. I am going introduce to you some business ideas. Never think am MISER or COLO you just adopt and sky will be your step to billionaire.

Most  Ghanaians follow technology blindly, not insulting you. For example a friend bought
 Galaxy 5 for GHC  1500
HP laptop for GHC 1000

Another friend has
Galaxy note 3 for GHC 500
HP laptop for 800
Not all the people are working. Their parents who live outside Ghana bought them these devices.
If I were one these people, I would have made billions out of it--How?
Wait and let me tell you how

1. I will sell galaxy phone for less costly phone. Let say GHC  50
2. I use the money left to import women bracelet watches and men gold watches from these websites

                                  SUMMARY OF WATCHES BUSINESS

                                      WOMEN  WATCHES
Women bracelet watch cost $4.79 and sold on Ghanaian market between GHC 35-40
 4.79 x 3.20 = GHC15.328
  35-15.328= 19.672
Imagine import 10 pieces
10 x 4.79 = $ 47.9 ==> GHC 153.28
Total sales                      = GHC 350.00
Total cost of importation = GHC 153.28
 Profit margine                = GHC 196.72

Below is screenshot of watches you can import



Men gold watch cost $3.99 and sold on Ghanaian market between GHC 25-30
 3.99 x 3.20 = GHC 12.768
  25 -12.768= 12.232
Imagine you imported 10 pieces
10 x 3.99 = $ 39.9 ==> GHC 127.68

Total sales                      = GHC 250.00
Total cost of importation = GHC 127.68
 Profit margin                = GHC 122.32

Hey my men don't wait, sell one of your expensive smart phone and start something this X'mas. Be your own BOSS. Don't let anybody employ you with all your degrees

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