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How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone

Your iPhone or iPad incidentally fall into the swimming pool, the bath, the sea or the toliet? Then what should you do is to minimize the iPhone water damage,  and fix it, dry it out and rescue important data on iPhone? Cheer up, however, the old water shouldn't necessarily a death sentence for an iPhone.
I can't guarantee anything, but all is not lost quite yet. After your iPhone has fallen into water or other liquids, do not try to turn your device on.  If you turn on your device while it still has moisture/ liquid in it, you can  easily short-circuit your iPhone which will fry the iPhone's motherboard. 
                             What are the steps
==> Get iPhone out of the water or other liquids 
==> If iPhone is in a case, remove it. Take out the SIM card as well. 
==> Remove the two screws at the bottom of iPhone with a pent lobe (5-point) screw driver. 
==>Remove the battery, motherboard, and other components exposed to liquid damage.
==>Clean  the motherboard and other components with Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol/AKPETESHI) a lint-free microfiber. 
==>Put the motherboard and other components in silica gel and close it  for 24-48 hours.
(Put the entire phone in silica gel if you could not remove the back to get to the components.)
==>Reassemble the iPhone, and then turn on iPhone to see if it works. If you can turn on iPhone, but the LCD is cloudy. Replace the LCD .
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