Steps to Deposit Money into Someone's Account through Barclays Bank ATM Fresh Deals Alert

Steps to Deposit Money into Someone's Account through Barclays Bank ATM

The traditional banks in Ghana should learn good practices from private banks. In fact had not been these private banks we would not have been able to transact business online, traditional banks buck up. I must personally commend Barclays Bank Ghana for introducing ATM Deposits. I was in long queue at Barclays prepeh high street in Kumasi to deposit some funds in a friends' account, then I had part at my shoulder, told me you can deposit money in account through ATM.How I asked? Wow to my surprise,
the ATM accepted my money and issued a receipt to confirm my deposit. In this masterpiece I will walk you through how you can deposit money through the ATM. Note if  the ATM does accept weak notes.

                        How to Deposit Money

==> Choose cardless
==> Choose English
==> Select deposit
==> Enter account number and phone number
==> Press okay icon for receiver tray to open
==> Put the money in the receiver tray box
==> Press add more icon to add more money, if you have more notes to be added
==> Press yes button to confirm your transaction
==> Wait for your receipt

Let hear from you when it works for you

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