How to get National Service Certificate Delivered to your doorstep Fresh Deals Alert

How to get National Service Certificate Delivered to your doorstep

Not withstanding the negative impact of COVID-19 on nations , it has positively impacted on Ghana. COVID -19 has compelled we Ghanaians, to think out the box. Many Ministries and departments are now going digitally except few.  I must commend National Service Secretariat for the introduction of  Certificate Delivery Portal-  where you get your National Service Certificate Delivered to your doorstep. Below is detailed guide  on how to request for National Service Certificate and delivered to your your doorstep.


⃟⃟⃟ For you to get your certificate delivered to you, you need to do the following

⃟⃟⃟ Personnel must have successfully completed their mandatory one (1) year (12 months) National service.

⃟⃟⃟ Personnel must have had their annual assessment form filled with a fair assessment of their performance by their immediate supervisor or Head of the User Agency where served.

⃟⃟⃟ Assessment forms must have been submitted at the various District offices of the scheme where the Agency is located

⃟⃟⃟ Submit your NSS Number for verification in the field provided

⃟⃟⃟ Submit your Means of Identification

⃟⃟⃟ Fill in your details in the request form displayed

⃟⃟⃟Make payment for delivery using any of the several options available

                   How Do I Request for NSS Certificate

==>Visit  NSS certificate
==> Enter NSS number 
==> Click on check- for your information to displace
       If your NSS number is not readily available what should you do    
==> Click on don't know NSS number
==> Enter your first name and last names
==> Select region where you had your services
==> Choose year you completed your service
==> Click on search - your information will displace
 ==> Click on proceed

==> Select means of identification ( Voter's ID, Passport, Driver's License, New driver's license and   SSNIT )
==> Click on  proceed
==> Enter Ghana Post GPS Address
==> Click on confirm and continue
==> Click on email address
==> Enter your phone number
==> Click continue
==> Tick consent box and click on continue
==> Click on review and confirm your order
==> Select your mode of payment ( MTN MOMO or Express Pay)

                How Do I Pay with MTN MOMO

==>Dial *170# and select option 6, my wallet
==>Select option 3 for my approval
==>Enter PIN to get pending approval list
==>Select pending transaction to approve
==>Select option 1 YES to approve transaction

You can finally scan the QR code to view your certificate

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