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How To Recharge MTN F@stlink Modems

You can't recharge your MTN F@stlinK Modem on windows 7 ? Since MTN operators added some digits to the original digits, you can't recharge @ LOAD AIRTME on the dashboard. Well,don't worry any more because I will show you how to fix the problem simple. MTN F@stlink Modem can be recharged easily on the dashboard but you will need to select a particular option in your modem settings, if not,  you can't recharge the modem.

So, what should I do?

Launch your F@stlink modem's dashboard

Click on "Repaid", select "Select account"  then enter (*125* recharge digits and #) in the empty white space and while on the "General" tab, you will see a new window as seen in the picture below

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