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How to Create Facebook Group

One of the many reasons of creating a Facebook account is that you can create a group also known as a fan page or business page that you can invite people to. Theoretically, a Facebook group is similar to a Facebook account. There is a feed where you can post updates. You can have photos and video added, and people are friends to you. Therefore, managing group is similar to managing a Facebook account. I want you to fellow me through this steps.

1.Create facebook account if you have not created one
2.log in your facebook account
3.Click on the “Groups.” on the left sidebar.
4.Click on create a Group.
5.Fill in all the necessary information
6.Then click on create a group button.
7.Click on invite, if you wish to invite people.
8.You can upload photos, set a profile image and to start populating the discussion board with different topics

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