How to send large files over the internet with uTorrent The latest in technology news and trends

How to send large files over the internet with uTorrent

    If you've got a large file or a bunch of files you need to send to a friend or family member, it can often be a big headache. Email has a size limit , and uploading/downloading to and from a cloud storage service like Dropbox can take forever. On top of that, if you or your friend has a spotty connection, you'll have to restart the file transfer every time the connection drops.
Thankfully, I've simple solution for you  to send large files over the internet using uTorrent, which is available for both Windows and Mac. Torrents are a good way to send large files as they have the ability to pick up where they left off, comparing the data you've downloaded to the data that you have yet to download.
                            What Should I do Now
==>Installed  uTorrent  on both the sender's and recipient's PC. 
==>Drag it into the uTorrent window. .

 ==>Rename the file(s) if you desire.

==>Click "Get Link" once you're ready and uTorrent will begin preparing the file for transfer.

==>Copy this link and send it to the recipient. Once that's completed, you'll get a window with a tinyurl link. .

share file in utorrent

utorrent creating torrent progress
utorrent share link

utorrent share link page

                                                    Download uTorrent Here

It's usually a good idea to zip up a bunch of files before sending them off as it will keep the action simple and save a bit of space

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  1. I came across this tool to transfer big files called Binfer. Another way is to transfer with Binfer. Definitely beats upload private stuff on the cloud.

    1. Wow, like such good comments and suggestion on my blog because its me building upon this blog's content


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