How to Add a Donate (pay) Button to Your Blog Fresh Deals Alert

How to Add a Donate (pay) Button to Your Blog

Adding donate button to your blog allows visitors to make a payment electronically through the online payment service’s secure server.  Blogger  doesn’t have advanced e-commerce feature for selling products, but you can add  “donate” button for readers who want to thank you for your efforts and donate money to your blog. You just feel free to follow the instructions below.

           So What Should I Do Now
1. Sign up for a Google Checkout merchant account.
2. Add the Google Checkout Gadget to your Blogger blog.
3. Sign in to your Google Checkout merchant account.
4. Click the "Settings" tab, and then click the "Integration" link.
5. Click and untick the check box beside “My Company Will Only Post Digitally Signed Carts” to allow the service to work with your Blogger blog.

6. Sign in to your Blogger account. Scroll to the blog to which you want to add the pay button in the main Blogger Dashboard page.
7. Click the “Design” submenu link below the blog’s title.
8. Click the “Add a Gadget” tab in the Add and Arrange Page Elements page.
9. Type “Google Checkout” into the Search Gadgets input box at the top of the Add a Gadget dialog window.
Click the “+” icon next to the Google Checkout Support My Blog gadget.
10. Type your Google Checkout Merchant ID into the applicable input box. (Your ID is on the homepage of your Google Checkout account.)
11. Type a title for the gadget and the name of your blog into the relevant input boxes.
12. Select your preferred currency from the “Currency” drop-down list.
 13. Choose a background color to match the color scheme on your blog from the drop-down menu.
14. Click the check box to confirm that you agree that Google Checkout will display your public business information to blog visitors who use the service.
15. Click the “Update” link to update your settings.
16. Click on “Save” button to add the payment button to your blog.

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