Ghana Goes Biometric Voters Registration In 2012 Fresh Deals Alert

Ghana Goes Biometric Voters Registration In 2012

In the face of advancing ICT and emerging challenges in voter registration the electoral commission of Ghana has taken bold decision to replace current voters register with a bio-metric register for subsequent elections.

                       Who Qualifies To Register As Voter in Ghana
Only Ghanaian citizens who are;
Ø  18 years or above
Ø  Of a sound mind
Ø  Resident or ordinarily resident in an electoral area or are permitted by law to register in an electoral area
Ø  Not prohibited by any law in force from registering as a voter

                        During The Registration Process What information is Require from applicant

Registration will starts on Saturday March 24 and ends at Saturday May 5, 2012. It start at 7:00 am and ends 5:00 pm each day of registration period, including Saturdays and Sundays.
As an applicant you must be physically presnt at the registration center to provide the following information to registration officer
ü   Name
ü   Date of birth
ü   Age se
ü   Residential address/ house number of your present abode
ü   Name of parents (dead or alive)
ü   Hometown/ residential address in hometown if different from present abode.
ü   District where your hometown is located
ü   You can carry along passport,driver’s license, National ID card and existing voter ID card to speed up the registration process.

                             Grounds for Registration Challenge

An applicant’s registration may be challenged on the grounds that he/she;
Ø    Is not citizen of Ghana
Ø    Is a minor(not 18 years)
Ø    Is not of a sound mind
Ø    Is not resident in the electoral area
 Ø   Is already registered as a voter
Ø    Is not the person he/she claims to be(impersonation)

Make sure you get youself registered but you can decide not to vote coming December 7, 2012 because………….

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