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How Can I Password-Protect My Folders

 With fast-access computers and interlinking networks that connect many different devices together, many users worry about other people stumbling upon their personal information. With the dangers of the Internet aside, users still have to be concerned about their friends, relatives, and co-workers accessing their computer and seeing things that they would rather keep private. Because of this, there are dozens of programs available that are able to protect users' files and folders with a password and  encryption methods.
                                                        Encryption Software
Encryption software refers to a type of program that is able to scramble information and/or protect it with a password in order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing files and folders. It protects yous  files, folders, emails, wireless Internet packets, removable devices, hard drives, user accounts.
                                         WinEncrypt CryptArchiver
WinEncrypt is a free encryption software made for Windows that is able to encrypt files, folders, emails, partitions, drives, and removable devices (USB flash drives) in a matter of seconds. WinEncrypt can create encrypted virtual drives up to 20 GB in size that act like security boxes for any information placed inside of it. 

                                      Download software from here

AxCrypt is another free encryption software made for Windows that is able to fully integrate itself with the Windows Operating System. AxCrypt allows users to simply right-click on files or folders and choose from a number of options that include encryption, decryption, and shredding.
                                       Download software from here    

CryptoForge can be used to encrypt files, folders, and emails by using up to four different encryption algorithms.  it is safe to transfer the file via the Internet, removable drive, or disk. When the file is moved to a computer that has CryptoForge installed, the encryption key can be entered and the information within the file can be accessed.CryptoForge available for free download at 
                                       Download siftware from here 

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