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How I Recover Deleted Text Messages from My iPhone

On a regular cell phone, text messages and other files that have been deleted are immediately removed from the phone’s smartchip or built-in storage device in order to make room for more files. Because the iPhone stores and accesses files like a computer, however, it is able to store deleted files for much longer periods of time until the memory must be used for something else. When someone deletes text messages on an iPhone, they are removed from the user interface but are still in a database file called “sms.db.” In fact, this file contains every text message that has ever been sent or received on the phone, even if they have been deleted.

                         How to Recover The Text Messages
1. Connect the iPhone to a computer (that is running the Windows Operating System)
2.Synchronizing it with the computer via Apple iTunes.
3. Download and install TextPad
4.Select “Search” and click the “Find in Files…” option. 
5.Enter “newest_message” in the “Find What” input field 
6.Mark the check box that says Search sub folders
7.Click “Find” and see one or more search results. 
8.Click on either one of them. That's all !!!
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