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Duda Mobile Premium service is free for a year. After the free period you can sign up to continue for $9/month, however there is no obligation to do so. Flash sites, framesets & e-commerce sites cannot be converted at this time.GoMo and Duda Mobile have partnered to help you make your desktop website more mobile-friendly. Just enter your web address below and we’ll automatically create your mobile site now with our professional templates. Further customize your new site if you’d like, and then go live with a single click. 

It comes along with:
 Professional templates and free hosting
 1 year Premium Service for FREE* (value of $108)
 No need to submit payment details – No strings attached
 Unlimited Email & Phone Support

                          What Should I Do Now
2. Enter the URL of your blog in the box as shown below

3. Choose a theme/template for your blog as shown below

4. Edit your site (blog) design as shown below

5. Enter your email, password and confirm it in the box as shown below

6. Click on “SAVE MY SITE”. If you already have account with DudaMobile login

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