The Best Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into a Recording Studio Fresh Deals Alert

The Best Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into a Recording Studio

With the help of quality music making apps, turn your phone into a classical instrument, drum or synthesizer. You can even produce and edit right from your handheld device. If you can’t take advantage of a professional recording studio, several apps for the iPad and iPhone can help make those beats sound sharp.While these mobile tools won’t replace a recording artist’s pro setup, they will nonetheless help tune, track tempos and even cure writer’s block basically get more out of the audio equipment you already own. Increase production quality and save time and money.

1. Retro Recorder
This is the only iPhone app that lets you record distortion-free with audio zoom and built-in compression. It's a great recorder for on-the-go sound sampling, and also works well for voice memos and interviews.There is no recording pause button, and some users have complained that it is too easy to write over their previous recordings.
Price: $0.99
Like a magic 8 ball (or a tarot deck) for music-makers, this tool from creators Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt could change your approach to making music. The app provides creative solutions and even helps cure writer's block.
Spawned from an actual deck of cards (the original black-boxed decks sometimes pop up on eBay and Amazon for close to $100), the app was made to help inspire and reinvigorate producers and music-makers with applicable principles and techniques. There's nothing else like it on the market.
Price: FREE

3. BPM
This app from CHEEBOW does exactly what you need it to — no more, no less. While other apps let you calculate the BPM of a song already stored on your device, with this app, tap the screen to the beat of the song you are listening to anywhere and the app calculates the BPM for you.
It's a great tool for DJs who work with vinyl and for production artists who record live.
Price: FREE

The pro version of the SPL app from Studio Six Digital is a professional sound-level meter (decibel level gauge) with all the goods: "ANSI modes Slow, Fast, Impulse, Peak, and Leq, A and C weighting, Octave band filters, and the ability to be calibrated.".
Price: $0.99

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