Manage your Google Trader listings-Online Marketplace for Ghanaians Fresh Deals Alert

Manage your Google Trader listings-Online Marketplace for Ghanaians

   Google Trader useful for both buyers and sellers and marketplace for products and services in Ghanaians
 To keep Google Trader useful for both buyers and sellers, it’s important that listings stay up-to-date.
Listings that you post are viewable on Google Trader for 60 days. They will remain visible to you in your account for another 60 days. At the end of the 120 day period each listing will be permanently deleted.
If you have any listings that have expired you will find them in your My listings page. Expired listings appear dimmer than your other listings and have an expiry date message attached with a link to edit and repost.

Tip: Review your listings regularly to keep them fresh.

  • Editing listings that are about to expire.
  • Deleting listings that are not available any more
  • Posting new listings as quickly as possible.

                Edit or refresh your listings
  1. To change the description of a listing that you have previously posted on the Google Trader website or to refresh your listing, first click My listings, then click the Edit button (which has a pointer on it).
  2. Make your changes and click Update to make the updates visible to users.
  3. If you change your mind, you can always click the Cancel button, which will keep the listing as it was previously.

Tip: If the items that you posted earlier are still valid and you want to refresh them, you should edit and re-post them, not post duplicates.

Posting duplicates on Google Trader is not allowed and may result in account termination.
Delete a listing
  1. To delete a listing that you have posted earlier on the Google Trader website, first click My listings, then click on the Delete button (which has a trash can icon on it).
  2. If you picked the wrong item or you no longer want to delete the listing, you can do so by clickingUndo.

Tip: Delete your listings if the item, job or service is no longer available to ensure that other interested users aren’t disappointed.

Post a listing in multiple countries

To post your listing across countries, you will have to create additional listings for each country. Visit theGoogle Trader homepage and choose the correct country from the country selector. You can see the list of countries available below the category list on the page. You can then click the Post a listing link to start posting in that country.

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