How I Review Post Friends Tag me in Before it Appears on My Timeline Fresh Deals Alert

How I Review Post Friends Tag me in Before it Appears on My Timeline

 It is very annoying seeing you being tagged in post that contains pornographic materials by your friend on your Facebook wall. This material will be circulating as if you post them on your wall and all friend will be calling asking why?. Some even go extent of insulting your integrity. A friend told me his girl  had to stop relationship with him because of this tag. If you are not careful your employer can terminate your employment if he is your Facebook friend. It is not advisable to have your employer as friend on Facebook. I want to share with you how to get those tagged you-in materials reviewed before appearing on your Facebook wall.  Timeline Review controls whether you have to manually approve posts you're tagged in before they go on your timeline. 

==> Log in your Facebook account

==> Click on your Facebook wall picture

==> Click on activity log on hand side of your wall

==>  Click Timeline Review on the left hand side of your Activity Log.
==> Click on Edit penciled icon that correspond the post you want to review
==> Chose Hidden From Timeline
Below is screenshot

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