How to Use Breast to Determine the Personality of your Fiancee/wife Fresh Deals Alert

How to Use Breast to Determine the Personality of your Fiancee/wife

Since time immemorial, men have always been fascinated with large breast and the women who are too eager to them will stop at nothing to get them. this fascination or even obsession with large breasts has led many women to do outrageous. What are some of the more  interesting finding of sternomancy.  Take a look

==> A woman with curved breast like a spring board  ( though I can't imagine how that looks). Women with these breast are industrious but they rarely attain high positions in business. However, they make good wives and they easily adapt to their partners. They are faithful and inventive in bed.

==> Woman with round breast : these women are frigid and find it difficult to have an orgasm. But these ladies are ready to try anything in bed. They don't like changing sex partners and they make good housewives. They said to be cleverer than their husbands

==>Women with pear-shaped bosom breast:  These ladies are independent, willful and silly at times. But they can lead men they their nose. They are also good at sex

==>Triangular breast : These ladies belong to excitable, liberated and may have several sex partners. Nothing is forbidden to them. These women often become great actresses or hookers.
==> Women with breast resemble an eggplant : These women have full of love and they enjoy life. They dominate their men

==>Women breast with erected nipple : They are generous and dominating women. These ladies love oral sex and like to be on top of men

==> Women with breast small, retracted nipple: This signify a calculating mind and person who hides her real intentions. They believe there is  nothing fancy about sex but are ready to fulfill their partner's sex fantasies

==> women breast with silicone implants: They enjoy romantic travelling but will never have a family. These women have high IQs but have serious psychological problems.

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