How to Create Business Opportunities and Make money Out of Current Electricity Problem Fresh Deals Alert

How to Create Business Opportunities and Make money Out of Current Electricity Problem

Dumsor Dumsor is the common word we use in our homes , work places etc. Hey reader pulse! Have you thought of making something best out of this situation"Dumsor Dumsor" In fact, it is up to you to think and make money out of this situation. Just recently I wrote a post about how to turn your problem into money making machine, so, in this post I am going to share with you how to make huge money out of current electricity problem in Ghana.

                             How ?
Do you know that about 99.9 per cent use MOBILE PHONE  and 60 per cent use computer in our homes. What you have to do is to start selling following products

==> POWER BANK. It is  a device used to store power for future use. There are two types, the solar and electricity. Mind you study which one has high marketing demand. You don't need any huge amount to start. For now I both banks available for sale. You can contact me for whole sale.

==> GENERATOR. In fact,  I was perplexed  when walked through Kumasi-Adum at the high level of noise coming out of these uncountable generators. 



You can contact me if you want to start selling above products  0246456667 
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Don't hesitate to share with u  if you have different ways of  creating business opportunities on the comment form  below.

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