How to Restore Dead Strong Decoder to Its Originality Fresh Deals Alert

How to Restore Dead Strong Decoder to Its Originality

Most of my blog readers always ask me how they would restore their dead decoder to its originality. In fact if your decoder has not been crash by any heavy object or fire then keep reading. There is way out to restore it. In this post two solutions  will be addressed one is how you can wake your dead or fried original strong decoders through pc and rs-232 cable.
But for those who have the genuine decoders, complete the instructions below on how you can wake up your dead strong decoder.
now your strong decoder may die as a result of several reasons including but not limited to the  fact that you may be trying to input or upload something that is corrupt or incompatible into it. E.g you are trying to update its firmware via a usb flash drive that is infected with virus. Read more about  how to find out original decoders
There are two major ways  to wake a fried strong decoder
i. Through a computer Using RS-232 cable
ii. Thruough decoder to decoder via inter-decoder firmware transfer
 How Do I wake  dead strong decoder with another strong decoder
1. Get an rs-232 cable
2. Get another working decoder of that same type
3.connect the two decoder via rs232 and remember to swich off the fried one
4. Switch on the good one. 
5.Go to – system setting
6.Select data transfer 
7. Choose firmware  and press ok. Wait till it finish loading. 
==> download the strong loader for strong in middle east and africa
==> Download the software compatible with your decoder model from the list there
==> Save both the loader and the software on your pc desktop for easier access
==> Insert the srt loader and click on the browse button.
==> locate your software and select
==> Now connect your decoder with the rs-232 cable and
==> Click auto detect on the loader menu.
 Wait for the process to complete.
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