Best Top Ways to Earn Money While Asleep Fresh Deals Alert

Best Top Ways to Earn Money While Asleep

The only difference that exist between RICH and POOR is ; the rich has several sources of income but poor has only one or no source of income. In this post I will introduce new business opportunity which will help you earn extra income while asleep. Alliance In Motion Global also known as AIM Global is a leading Multilevel Marketing and Direct Selling Company with over 5 million distributors across
the globe. It is a fast growing food business chain and been turning ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires in over 200 countries. AIM global is markets organic food supplements and beverages with HALAL and  KOSHER APPROVAL. AIM Global has very good business for everyone being it full time or part time. In this master piece I will  walk you through how to do business with AIM Global and get paid daily  WITHOUT BUYING or SELLING. The seven reasons why I recommend AIM Global and dump the rest are below
==> One Time Purchase
==> Daily payment- You can withdraw your funds daily 
==> Free Food Product
==> Free International Trips
==> Selling is not a must,. You don't have  to sell anything before you make money
==> No Autoship
==> Multiple Accounts. For AIM Global you are allow to create multiple account s

                            Ways to Generate Income at AIM Global

                1. Retailing ( optional)
It help you in selling and buying of products.You enjoy 25% life time discount

          2. Refer new customers and get paid for life

There are two referral bonuses; Associate and Global packages.
   ==> Earn GHC 50  from every new member who register with Associate package
   ==> Earn GHC 70  from every new member who register with Global package

                       3. Match sales bonus 

==> Earn  GHC 62.50 any time there is a new member in both Right  and left sales group under Associate package     OR 
==> Earn  GHC 125.00  any time there is a new member in both Right  and left sales group under Global package

                         4. Uni-Level Bonus
There are generations under you ranging from 1-10th any time each member re-order product you are given bonus. Below is the chart
==> 1st generation you will get 10% bonus 
==> 2nd generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 3rd generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 4th generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 5th generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 6th generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 7th generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 8th generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 9th generation you will get 5% bonus
==> 10th generation you will get 5% bonus

          5.  Stair step Bonus ( overriding commission )

This is business opportunity you should not let it go because people will be making money for you while asleep.

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