Unique Ways to Import from Popular sites to Ghana and Pay with Mobile Money Fresh Deals Alert

Unique Ways to Import from Popular sites to Ghana and Pay with Mobile Money

It is never too late to start up your own online business. In fact online business is most lucrative and far fetching ever you could have. Most of us think online business required huge capital, if that is your thinking then revise it, the story is not like that. It only online that give you recurring income, if you are smart enough. In this post I will share with you sites to start importation business. As at the time of writing this article these sites have lowest prices
and the products quality can be matched up to all online retail stores in US and UK. Best part is that you can buy with Bitcoin, Mobile Money and Bank account. Below are the list of the sites 

==> Visit 1688.com and start searching for your product
==> Visit taobao.com and start searching for your product
==> Visit Tmall.com and start searching for your product
                  How Do I Search for Product on these Sites

==> Type the product name in the search bar
==> Click on search icon
==> Place the cursor on top of search bar and  press on right click icon
==> Click on translate to English

           How Do I Change Yuan Currency to Ghana Cedis

==> Copy the price (symbol and figure) 
==> Paste it in google search bar for equivalent Ghana Cedis 

Note: The reason the price is the lowest because the prices are quoted in yuan and Ghana we don't trade much in yuan as compared to dollar. 

Business trick: Before you import search for price at which product you want to import is sold here in Ghana

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