Top Best Way to Earn $25 an Hour as a Transcriber Fresh Deals Alert

Top Best Way to Earn $25 an Hour as a Transcriber

 A loyal and dedicated reader of this blog asked of any online job that can earn her some dollars every month. It dawn on me, that I should share with you online job that earn me about $25 every hour. To earn such an amount online comes with its own challenges but I assure you, that you too will earn such amount in no time provided you follow the rules and tricks . If you want to work online and make good money, you can try your luck with TranscribeMe.

TranscribeMe is a highly acclaimed, top rated work-from-home site where you can make money by transcribing audio and video files. With a user-friendly platform, convenient and regular payouts, and a steady work stream year round, it’s an amazing opportunity for moms to earn extra money, take charge of their own work schedule, and spend more essential time with family.
TranscribeMe is an awesome work from home transcription opportunity. The company has a huge customer base that includes lawyers, insurance companies, churches, conference attendees, and researchers who regularly need their audio files transcribed.
All you need is PayPal account to receive payment
                                 How Do I Become Transcriber
===> Visit
===> Click on Get started to register
===> Fill in with all necessary information
                    How Do I Pass Transcribeme Exams
Make sure you download their style guide and read it carefully as it contains the company’s basic guidelines for transcribing, such as whether or not you should name the speakers, how to deal with hard to hear words, etc.
Ensure you follow their style guide especially on the proper use of punctuation, grammar etc. If you don’t pass the first time, you’ll have four more attempts to go at it.

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