How to Relocate to the UK Using the UK Charity Worker Visa or Tier 5 Visa Route The latest in technology news and trends

How to Relocate to the UK Using the UK Charity Worker Visa or Tier 5 Visa Route

I had countless number of emails from subscribers to teach them how they will relocate to UK, after my recent post on how to get Visa sponsorship and LMIA jobs in Canada. I had few contacts and I have laid my hand on easier way to relocate to  UK using charity worker Visa or tier 5 Visa route.
For this Visa, IELTIS is not required and you don't to have have specific qualification to be eligible.
Let me walk you through the benefits of moving to UK with this Visa, the eligibility criteria, how you can apply and company recruiting foreigners in this Visa category.
                        Which Type of Visa am I going to Acquired

The charity worker Visa (Temporary Worker Visa), First of all, why is it called charity worker visa this is because this Visa IS ONLY issue to foreigners who interested in moving to UK for short period of time to do unpaid voluntary work for charity. This means you cannot receive any payment for work, you cannot take permanent job, you cannot receive public funds such as housing benefit, however, good news is that you can switch visa while in UK

                      What are benefits/advantage of a worker Visa
1. You can move to you UK with your family members- your spouse and children
2. Your spouse is allowed to work in the UK.
3. You can study while working
4. You do a second job in the same sector at the same level as your main job for up to 20 hours per week. and Yes , you will be paid.
5. You can also do a job on SKILLED WORKER SHORTAGE OCCUPATION LIST for up to 20 hours per week. , which you'll be paid for. 
6. This Visa allows you to stay in the UK for up 12 month, but you can extend it before the expiration date.
7. With this working experience gained in  the UK, you can be allowed to switch VISAS. For instance  if you work as living care taker under the charity worker visa you will gain experience needed to work  as healthcare assistant under health and care Tier 2 Visa.
                      Requirement for Charity Worker Visa

1. You be at least 18 years old.
2. A valid international passport
3. You  must have job offer and CERTIFICATE OF SPONSORSHIP. . Don't worry there is UK company which is current hiring foreign workers and issuing certificate of sponsorship for charity worker visa 
4. A tuberculosis test result. If you are from country where you to take TB test.
5. Proof of funds, to show that you can financially support yourself while living in the UK, however, if your employer is willing to financially support you while in UK, they you will have mention it in the certificate of sponsorship.

         Which UK License Company Issue Certificate of Sponsorships

The company is called LARCHE in the UK and you can work as live in assistant . They are currently recruiting  foreigners from various countries who are willing to do charity work in UK. They are not going to pay you monthly salary for working with them but this is opportunity for you to relocate to UK using charity worker visa. 
              Benefits of working with Larche 

Working with larche you receive
==> Daily meals
==> Accommodation and bills
==> A monetary allowance

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