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How to Make a Blogger Template With the Use of Photoshop

Making Blogger template in Photoshop by making a background image  to customize an existing Blogger template. To be success in this project depends on how  the image you make in Photoshop integrates with the Blogger template.
So How Can I do It

1. Open Photoshop, then click File menu's,New command. Click "OK" 
2. Click the paintbrush on the Tools panel  
3. Click the upper color swatch at the bottom of the "Tools" panel to display a window for choosing colors. Click a color you want to paint with, then click "OK" to close the color selection dialog.
4. Drag on the canvas to create an image you like. 
5.Click the File menu's Save as command once your image is complete. Click the "JPEG" type from the "Type" drop-down list, then type a name for the image in the "File name" text box. Click "Save" to save the image.
6.Go to Blogger dashboard,  click on "Design" tab. Click "Template designer. Then click a template from the gallery that appears. 
7.Click "Background" from the left navigation pane. Click "Background image," then click the "Upload" command. Navigate to and double click the image file you saved in Photoshop. Blogger will upload the image.
8. Click the second topmost drop-down list to the right of the Background Image control. 
9.Click the "Don't tile" item if you only want the image to appear in the top left corner of your blog. Click "Tile horizontally" if you want the image to repeat only across a single row of the blog. Click "Tile vertically" to make the image repeat along a single column.
10. Finally click "Done" to install the image as a background for your blog.

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