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I have stumbled upon a book titled THOUGHTS OF LIFE which is very inspiring. It is very interesting of which everyone needs copy for daily update of life issues from Polities, Environment, Love to Religion. Below is a sample of I read from this Golden book


There could be peace everywhere but there hasn’t been peace anywhere
There could be peace in every heart if every heart relied fully on God
There could be peace in every home if every husband and wife had one partner
There could be peace in every town if every town had no gossip
There could be peace in every country if every citizen obeyed the rule of law.
There could be peace in every continent if every continent were not divided
There could be peace everywhere if none dreamed and thought of war.
Gossip : informally talking about someone’s private life especially bad things about that person

The prefix “poly” they say is many or more than one (lots) of something.

The suffix “ticks” is used to indicate that something has been dealt with.
If the ‘k’ is taken from “ticks” it is sudden movement of muscles you can’t control.
Put back the ‘k’ and call for an ‘r’ in-between the‘t’ and ‘i’.
Tricks mean to make someone believe something that is false in order to get advantage.
Do they say “politics”, “polyticks” or polytricks?
WHATEVER! I don’t know, but I know of one thing- “many of ...”
Politicians are people who deal with you, make your muscles move uncontrollably.
Have lots of words and promises, and later lots of wealth and powers.
They say what they don’t mean and mean what they don’t say.

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