How to Resize your Photo to Meet Requirement for USA DV-Lottery Fresh Deals Alert

How to Resize your Photo to Meet Requirement for USA DV-Lottery

Just recently I published let register for USA 2016  diversity visa program. Every year you register but you don't win so you don't want to waste your time registering again. I wouldn't begrudge you not to register again but I want share with you one assured way you can win. Mind you I'm not worker in the ambassey. A client of mine used the steps and won. Picture resizing is one of  the requirements and failing to meet it you wouldn't be selected.
I am going to share with how to use visa lottery platform photo editor to resize your photo.
                                                How to Resize a Photo

==> Visit
==> Click on DV-2016 instruction
==> A new page will open, scrow down and click here
==> Scrow down to Digital Image Head Size Template
==> Click on photo requirement webpage
==> Scrow down and click on start photo tool at right hand of your browser
==> Click on choose photo below the imaginary image from your computer
==> Make sure you tilt the pictur to fit into the imaginary image
==> Click on crop photo to resize your image
==> Click on save

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