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How to Download Mandate form and Sign - Epayslip Requirement

I must commend the Controller and Accountant General's Department for introducing a new platform called Third Party Referencing System (TPRS) to reduce incidence of employees using colleague worker's payslip to purchase goods from hire purchase companies or accessing loan. The aim of this new platform is to automate the deduction process thereby minimizing the challenges associated with current manual processing of loan from CAGD  by financial institution.

 For a public worker to access below services from their worker unions and financial institutions must  in addition to current requirement(particulars) download and sign mandate form  at 
1. Loan Request
2. Optional Contribution
3. New Member Registration

 CAGD has assign a eleven alphabet and digits unique ID for every worker

              How Do I Download My Mandate Form
==> log into your
==> Click on generate mandate form left hand side to download
==> Click on print
NB click to sign is disabled as at the  time this publication is made

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