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Best Top Ways to Use Facebook to Create Permanent Business Opportunities for for Yourself

 I had Facebook friend request from someone so I try to accept it but it wasn't going through. Later pop up window displaying "you have reached 5000 limit so delete to accept new friends". Truly and truly I deleted  one dormant friend before Facebook allowed me to add new friend. The question that click my mind was how do I use this 5000 active and inactive friends to my advantage and world as a whole. A lot of  ideas pop up and I implemented few of them and has hugely paid off. In this post, I will discuss with you how I used 5000 Facebook friends to my advantage.   I bet you,  you will start implementing  by the time you finish reading. I don't expect you go complaining being unemployed by the time get to the end of this post.

      What Should I Do to Use my Facebook friends to my Advantage
==>  I visit web-stores like aliexpress and others to download images of items displayed and repost them on Facebook. At least ten of my friends will call, what's app and email me and inquire for price of the products. If it were to be item for women, I get more than 50 friends and I had ten friends buy. You see I never hustle for customers to buy  my product. I assure you 100% profit to say the least.

==> I visit car dealers, clothe designers etc, to discuss with them to run advert for them. After the discussion, I take pictures of good looking clothes and cars and post them on Facebook. 

==>  I post and repost the contents of my website on Facebook which serve as source of free organic traffic. In fact to man and God, it has helped earn decent dollar from google as one of their publishers.

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