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How to Identify Who Transfer Money from your MTN Mobile Money Wallet to Another Ilegally

I received complains from MTN MoMo customers concerning illegal transfer of money from owner's account to another account. It is very common among customers who usually give their PIN to others to withdraw funds. In fact, I will share with you this master piece how to identify transaction ID, Name and phone number of the one who did the transaction. Stay cool and read .
                                What Should I Do

==> Dial *170#
==> Choose option 6
==> Select option 4 ( statement) 
==> Choose option 1 ( Request statement)
==> choose option  2  ( Request statement )
==> Enter valid email address
==> Enter start date ( the date you want statement to begin. Eg 06 06 2019)
==> Enter end date ( the date want the statement to end.  Eg 12 08 2019 )
 The statement will be sent to your email for you to download. You can identify following details
1 Transaction ID
2. Mobile money wallet account number or phone number of the recipient

 In fact you wont see the account handler's name but there is way out to find the name              
                   How Do I Identify the Recipient Name
==>Make attempt to send the recipient's number ghs1 and the name pop up

             What if the recipient's name is entirely different from actual name

 ==> Download or app 
==> Enter recipient's number in the search bar
==> Click on search
==> The app will comb through the web and identify the name for you

NOTE: For the date each there should be space at end of each digit
MTN  charges fifty pesewa ( 0.5) so you must have such in your account

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