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How to Become Entrepreneur through AgricTech Challenge with Seed Funding

"Don't complain of  being unemployed, if you have common sense to solve common problems in our societies" that was a quote from Mr. Siaw, a facilitator of  online training program I attended. In this masterpiece I will share with you how to become entrepreneur in Agric sector through AgricTech Challenge. This doesn't necessarily mean you are going to cultivate crops or rear animals, but you are helped to identify problems and provide solutions.

The AgriTech Challenge is an annual competition that identifies young people who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and provides them with business and leadership training, mentorship, and a network of support. Participants are encouraged  through coaching and market research tours across Ghana to take a fresh look at the agriculture value chain to identify new areas of business opportunity. 

Individual competitors join together to establish teams which then participate in a series of pitch and elimination events, during which they present their ideas to a panel of judges.

 Seed funding is offered to the final high-potential teams who go on to enter a dedicated incubator program. The AgriTech Challenge has identified, nurtured, and funded some of the most promising youth-driven agritech startups in Ghana today.

To enroll in the KIC Program, the participant should be:
• Between 20 and 35 years
• A graduate with at least a degree
• Able to commit to spending a year in Accra to take part in the program
• Resident in Ghana for the duration of the program
• Willing to travel long distances
• Willing to give dedicated & undivided attention to the KIC Program
• Willing to work in a group
• Willing to attend impromptu meetings and program
• Willing to work long hours without supervision
• Interested in innovation

Interests to consider for KIC
• A strong desire for learning and training
• Have a true desire to start a business in the agricultural sector
• Be willing to start that business as co-founder with a team of people you meet on the KIC
• Understand innovation, its business benefits, and opportunities
• Have research and analytical skills
• Have creative and critical thinking abilities
How Do I Register for this program
==> Scroll down and click on Apply Now

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